People move in and out of the homefullness project just like they do with homes:

Keely Macarow, RMIT University

Neal Haslem, RMIT University

Margie McKay, Village Wells, Melbourne

Marcus Knutågard, Lund University

Guy Johnson, RMIT University

Per-Anders Hillgren, Malmö University

Mim Whiting, artist

Mick Douglas, RMIT University

Mike Collins, City of Moreland

Rebecca Sirriani, City of Whittlesea

Anna-Karin Bergman, City of Helsingborg

Ralph Horne, RMIT University

Grace McQuilten, RMIT University

Arne Kristiansen, Lund University

AnNa Servalli, Malmö University

Hélène Frichot, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

Rochus Hinkel, Curator/Publisher


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